There be dragons here

Recently while looking for something to read that had dragons in it, I was digging through my ebook shelves and realized that I’d collected quite a few favorite dragon shifter stories. How that came to be, I’m not quite sure since dogs and cats are what usually pass for the norm in shifters. 😉 Anyway, […]

A Sexy Shifter collection

Okay, so this week I found out my several year shapeshifter binge wasn’t over when I splurged on several titles as Samhain that have that theme. Do you see me worried? No, you do not. 😉 One set of stories I picked up is introduced thusly, according to a post entitled Dreamy Steamy Shape-shifters: What […]

Da Twilight Zone

So, I’m reading a new ebook called Dragon Actually over the weekend and really enjoying it. I mean laughing and giggling my way through it and not in a bad way. Then it occurs to me that I know these characters. I’m sitting there happily reading along and suddenly absolutely sure I do know this […]

Never say never, maybe

Not sure if this is solid proof of that old maxim or just more evidence of it but since I’ve been dipping my toe into the, shall we say, erotic side of storytelling, I’ve probably run into several stories that made me think I’d never like certain things. No, I’m not listing them here for […]

Vampire, werewolves & superheroes, oh my!

Dithering on the Susan Sizemore book (see yesterday’s blog entry) made me realize that I think I may be vampired-out, which is weird, because I don’t even read vampire romances, not counting Feehan’s Carpathians and Sands’ pseudo-vamps, that is. And I haven’t read that many werewolf books either. Uh, actually come to think of it, […]