My Favorites

This is a list of links to or info on people, places and tools that I’ve liked and/or used over the years. Most of them are on the web but there is the occasional one that’s not, at least not that I can find. Proceed at your own risk. 😉

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Old Favorites – I mean really old favorites

I was sorting through some old posts and ran across this list. Hey, I said I was doing some spring cleaning. I think I put this together back when I first created Beverly’s Book Sanctuary, which make it about 1998-99. I could probably be even more precise if I dated the books although some of them were probably published before that. Anyway, I thought I’d toss it out there again just for the memories some of the titles evoke. I mean, wow, have I come a lone way in just a decade, more or less, cause there ain’t an ebook or erotic romance title on the list that I can see. Heck, there’s barely any paranormals… 😉

  • The Christmas Cat anthology
  • In Our Dreams anthology (York / Henke / Kirk / Cummings / Evans / McFadden / Miller / Potter / Putney)
  • The Knights Of Christmas anthology (Barclay / Moore / Simmons)
  • Once Upon A Castle anthology (Roberts / Gregory / Langan / Willman)
  • A Regency Christmas Feast anthology
  • Scottish Brides anthology (Laurens / Quinn / Ranney / Dodd)
  • Three Weddings And A Kiss anthology (Woodiwiss / Anderson / Chase / Kleypas)
  • Adams Pepper Wake Up, Little Susie
  • Archer Ellen Tiger Lil
  • Avery Anne Hidden Heart
  • Balogh Mary Truly
  • Bond Stephanie Irresistible?
  • Broadrick Annette Mystery Lover
  • Byron Eve My Lord Stranger
  • Carroll Susan The Wooing Of Miss Masters
  • Cassidy Carla Something New
  • Castle Jayne Amaryllis
  • Castle Jayne Orchid
  • Castle Jayne Zinnia
  • Chandler Lauryn Mr. Wright
  • Chase Loretta The Sandalwood Princess
  • Claybourne CaseyTiger By The Tail
  • Crusie Jennifer Trust Me On This
  • Cruisie Jennifer What The Lady Wants
  • Dare Justine Wild Hawk
  • Davis Justine Suspicion’s Gate
  • DeVita Sharon Italian Knights
  • Dier Debra The Sorcerer’s Lady
  • Dodd Christina Once A Knight
  • Dodd Christina Outrageous
  • Dodd Christina A Well Pleasured Lady
  • Essig Terry Hardheaded Woman
  • Evans Quinn Taylor Daughter of Fire
  • Ferrarella Marie Family Matters
  • Ferrarella Marie Her Man Friday
  • Ferrarella Marie Traci On The Spot
  • Forster Suzanne Husband, Lover, Stranger
  • Garwood Julie The Bride
  • Garwood Julie The Gift
  • Garwood Julie The Lion’s Lady
  • Glass Amanda Shield’s Lady
  • Grey Samantha The Mark Of Zorro
  • Holbrook Cindy Lord Sayer’s Ghost
  • Howell Hannah Only For You
  • Hunter Jillian Daring
  • Hunter Jillian Fairy Tale
  • Jensen Emma Best Laid Schemes
  • Joy Dara High Energy
  • Joy Dara Knight Of A Trillion Stars
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Absolutely, Positively
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Crystal Flame
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Flash
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Hidden Talents
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Perfect Partners
  • Krentz Jayne Ann Wildest Hearts
  • Kyle Kristen The Last Warrior
  • Kyle Kristen Nighthawk
  • Laurens Stephanie Devil’s Bride
  • Leabo Karen A Changed Man
  • Leabo Karen Witchy Woman
  • Leigh Tamara Unforgotten
  • Lovelace Merline If A Man Answers
  • Maclay Charlotte Courting Cupid
  • Macomber Debbie Fallen Angel
  • Macomber Debbie The Forgetful Bride
  • Martin Malia Her Norman Conqueror
  • Maxwell Cathy Falling In Love Again
  • Medeiros Teresa A Whisper Of Roses
  • Metzger Barbara Miss Lockharte’s Letters
  • Metzger Barbara Snowdrops And Scandalbroth
  • Morgan Kathleen Firestorm
  • Morgan Kathleen Heart’s Surrender
  • Mulvany Catherine Aquamarine
  • Mulvany Catherine Man Shy
  • Nance Kathleen More Than Magic
  • Paul Sandra Last Chance For Marriage
  • Piel Stobie The Dawn Star
  • Quinn Julia Brighter Than The Sun
  • Quinn Julia Dancing At Midnight
  • Quinn Julia To Catch An Heiress
  • Quick Amanda Dangerous
  • Quick Amanda Mistress
  • Quick Amanda Ravished
  • Randal Jude Just One Of The Guys
  • Ridgway Christie The Bridesmaid’s Bet
  • Ridgway Christie The Wedding Date
  • Roberts Nora Captive Star
  • Simmons Deborah The Last Rogue
  • Simmons Deborah Maiden Bride
  • Simmons Deborah Taming The Wolf
  • Simmons Suzanne Bed Of Roses
  • Simmons Suzanne No Ordinary Man
  • Sizemore Susan After the Storm
  • Stewardson Dawn The Mummy Case
  • Stuart Elizabeth Bride Of The Lion
  • Thompson Trudy Prisoner Of Passion
  • Thompson Vicki Lewis Operation Gigolo
  • Tucker Bonnie Stay Tuned, Wedding At 11:00
  • Young Karen Sarah’s Choice

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There be dragons here

Recently while looking for something to read that had dragons in it, I was digging through my ebook shelves and realized that I’d collected quite a few favorite dragon shifter stories. How that came to be, I’m not quite sure since dogs and cats are what usually pass for the norm in shifters. 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d share my list of top author & series that I tend to reread the most. And, yeah, quite a few of them are labeled erotic romances, but not all.

D’Arc, BiancaDragon Knights

  1. Maiden Flight (erotic romance)
  2. Border Lair (erotic romance)
  3. Ice Dragon (romance)
  4. Prince of Spies (erotic romance)
  5. Wings of Change (erotic romance)
  6. Fire Drake (erotic romance)
  7. Dragon Storm (erotic romance) due out Nov 17, 2009

Aiken, G. A.Dragon Kin

  1. Dragon Actually (romance/paranormal)
  2. About A Dragon (romance/paranormal)

Mumford, Debbie

  • Sorchas’ Heart (romance/fantasy)
  • Dragons Choice (Sorchas’ Children #1) (erotica/erotic fantasy/fantasy)

Andrus, Jennie

  • Dragon’s Birth (romance/fantasy)

Weaver, Brenda

  • Dragon Lord of Kells (romance/fantasy)

Know of any like them I might’ve missed out on?

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The ones I reach for all the time

I was thinking the other day that I hadn’t updated my list of top favorite romances in quite a while. At least not since before I started reading more ebooks than print anyways. So, it was probably time to take a look and see what was what. This is the “Top Ten” list I finally settled on, in alpha order for now because I haven’t figured out any particular ranking for them.

Yet. 😀

  • D’Arc, Bianca: The Ice Dragon
  • Fletcher, Donna: Tame My Wild Touch
  • Foster, Lori: Too Much Temptation
  • Greene, Tilly: Zandia
  • Krentz, Jayne Ann: Shield’s Lady
  • Laurens, Stephanie: The Perfect Lover
  • Laurenston, Shelly: Here Kitty, Kitty
  • Leigh, Jenna: The Wolf’s Heart
  • Lovelace, Merline: The Captain’s Woman
  • Mima: Wild Within
  • Quick, Amanda: Dangerous
  • Sinclair, Linnea: Games of Command

See, the thing is that I started out trying to go for the top ten all time favorites but decided to leave that for anther day. Okay, if you actually count the books there’s twelve but I tried so give me a break here. ;p

I think this list does best represent the books I currently reread on a fairly regular basis nowadays. Now, some might say that’s the same thing. I suppose it is in a way but I’m not sure. I tend to believe that ultimately there may be a couple of books that I don’t reread all that often that will also make it onto my all-time favorites list if I ever get around to updating that one. What say you?

Do you necessarily equate the books that you reread all the time to your absolute top favorites or is it possible for there to be a couple of other odd books on that list too?

Are there books that you’ve read once or maybe even twice and never reread again that you still consider top favorites?

Or do only those absolute “comfort” rereads count as top favorites?

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New top favorites list

I’m eventually going to put this list on a page, but since I haven’t decided how I’m going to list them there yet, here’s the current rough draft of the listing in alpha by author order. Basically, the main criteria I used to look for those books that I tend to reread a lot and I may still need to do some weeding and adding.

A-Anthology Knights of Christmas (Harlequin Historicals, No 387)
A-Anthology Lovescape
A-Anthology Scottish Brides
A-Anthology The Truth About Cats & Dogs
Alexander, Victoria Wedding Bargain
Archer, Ellen Tiger Lil
Avery, Anne Hidden Heart
Barnett, Jill Dreaming
Barnett, Jill Wonderful
Bertin, Joanne Last Dragonlord
Beverley, Jo Lord of Midnight
Bond, Stephanie Got Your Number
Byron, Eve My Lord Stranger
Carroll, Susan Wooing of Miss Masters : The Bishop’s Daughters
Chase, Loretta Mr. Impossible (Berkley Sensation)
Christie, Agatha ABC Murders
Christie, Agatha Cards on the Table
Christie, Agatha Murder in Retrospect
Christie, Agatha Murder Is Announced
Christie, Agatha Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, Agatha Partners in Crime
Christie, Agatha Ten Little Indians
Coughlin, Patricia Merely Married
Criswell, Millie What to Do About Annie?
Crusie, Jennifer What the Lady Wants (Harlequin Temptation, No 544)
Dare, Justine Wild Hawk
David, Peter Q-In-Law (Star Trek, the Next Generation, No 18)
Davis, Justine Suspicion’s Gate (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 423)
Dawson, Saranne Enchanted Land
Dodd, Christina Knight to Remember
Dodd, Christina Rules of Surrender
Elliott, Elizabeth Warlord
Fallon, Linda Shades of Midnight
Feehan, Christine Dark Fire
Feehan, Christine Dark Legend
Ferrarella, Marie Babies on His Mind (Silhouette Romance, 8920)
Ferrarella, Marie Family Matters (Silhouette Special Edition, No 832)
Fetzer, Amy J. Irish Knight
Finley, Glenna Journey to Love
Finley, Glenna Love Lies North
Finley, Glenna The Bridal Affair
Finley, Glenna The Romantic Spirit
Fletcher, Donna Irish Devil (Irish Eyes Romance Series, 1)
Fletcher, Donna Isle of Lies
Fletcher, Donna Legendary Warrior
Fletcher, Donna Tame My Wild Touch
Fletcher, Donna The Daring Twin
Forster, Suzanne Husband, Lover, Stranger
Foster, Lori Jamie
Foster, Lori Too Much Temptation
Garner, Sharon K. Lokelani Nights
Garwood, Julie Bride
Garwood, Julie Prince Charming
Garwood, Julie Secret
Garwood, Julie The Bride
Hammett, Dashiell The Thin Man (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)
Holbrook, Cindy Lord Sayer’s Ghost
Howell, Hannah Only for You
Hunter, Jillian Fairy Tale
Jackson, Melanie The Saint (Wildside Romance)
Jensen, Emma Best Laid Schemes (Regency Romance)
Jensen, Emma Irish Rogue (Signet Regency Romance)
Joy, Dara Tonight or Never (Legendary Lovers)
Kenner, Julie Aphrodite’s Kiss
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Play (A Dark-Hunter Novel)
Krentz, Jayne Ann Absolutely, Positively
Krentz, Jayne Ann Crystal Flame
Krentz, Jayne Ann Family Man
Krentz, Jayne Ann Perfect Partners
Krentz, Jayne Ann Shield’s Lady
Kyle, Kristen Last Warrior
Kyle, Kristen Nighthawk
Laurens, Stephanie Devil’s Bride
Laurens, Stephanie Secret Love
Laurens, Stephanie The Perfect Lover
Litton, Josie Castles in the Mist
Litton, Josie Fountain of Fire
Litton, Josie Fountain of Secrets (Get Connected Romances)
Lovelace, Merline Siren’s Call (Harlequin Historical, No 236)
Lovelace, Merline The Captain’s Woman
MacGregor, Kinley Born in Sin: A MacAllisters Novel
MacGregor, Kinley Claiming the Highlander
Martin, Malia Her Norman Conqueror
Maxwell, Cathy Falling in Love Again (An Avon Romantic Treasure)
McCulley, Johnston Mark of Zorro
Medeiros, Teresa Bride and the Beast
Metzger, Barbara Miss Lockharte’s Letters (Regency Romance)
Metzger, Barbara Miss Treadwell’s Talent (Signet Regency Romance)
Metzger, Barbara Snowdrops and Scandalbroth (Regency Romance)
Mulvany, Catherine Man Shy (Loveswept, No 880)
Nance, Kathleen More Than Magic
Owens, Robin D. Heartmate (Magical Love Romance)
Phillips, Tori Three Dog Knight (Harlequin Historicals, 438)
Piel, Stobie Strange Brews (Heartspell)
Piel, Stobie White Sun
Quick, Amanda Dangerous
Quick, Amanda Mystique
Quinn, Julia Romancing Mr. Bridgerton
Ridgway, Christie The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men (Avon Contemporary Romance)
Sands, Lynsay Always
Simmons, Deborah Devil Earl (Harlequin Historical, No 317)
Simmons, Deborah Last Rogue (Historical , No 427)
Simmons, Suzanne No Ordinary Man
Sinclair, Linnea Command Performance
Sinclair, Linnea Gabriel’s Ghost
Stuart, Elizabeth Bride of the Lion
Thompson, Vicki Lewis  Operation Gigolo (Love & Laughter , No 47)
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warprize
Young, Karen Sarah’s Choice

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Krentz, Krentz & more Krentz

Actually, that should probably be Castle, Castle, Quick, Quick, because first I was on a Jayne Castle binge and now it’s shifted over to Amanda Quick. And I ain’t done yet. I may even work my way over to some actual Jayne Ann Krentz titles before this is done.

Okay, let’s see what I’ve read so far. It all started with Ghost Hunter (Jayne Castle). I really liked it, so much so that I can’t think of a thing to say about it. No, really, and it’s maddening. Honestly, the thing that stands out to me about this new futuristic romance is that when I tried to put my thoughts down into words I kept finding myself describing it by saying “typical Krentz” this or that, which isn’t a bad thing no matter that others might think polarization is better than the same old, same old.

Well, maybe being radical is better than just being good, but I’m not sure it would be when an author has as many titles under their belt as Krentz does. Or that they would ever be able to get that many under their belt by being constantly polarizing in their approach. I mean what actually constitutes a master writer when we get right down to it? One who rocks the boat at every opportunity until readers learn to be suspicious and cautious or one who consistently gives such solid satisfaction that readers learn to trust them implicitly? Personally, I tend to believe it’s more the latter than the former.

But I digress. Big time.

After Ghost Hunter, I skipped over to rereading Bridal Jitters, the short story beginning of her Harmony group in the Charmed anthology. After that it was all Quick as I breezed again through Mystique (medieval), Desire (medieval), Seduction (Regency), Rendezvous (Regency) & Ravished (Regency). I’m currently rereading Reckless (Regency). I keep telling myself that I need a break from this onslaught but only seem to find another one I want to revisit once I finish each one. I think I’m in the zone. What zone that is remains to be seen. ;p

And it’s not true that all her books are essentially the same story – just don’t ask me to explain what’s different about each because it’s everything and nothing. It is impressive, however, that she can consistently maintain the same level of quality and interest while seeming to recycle the same plots and characters.

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