My Favorite Links

This is a list of links to or info on people, places and tools that I’ve liked and/or used over the years. Most of them are on the web but there is the occasional one that’s not, at least not that I can find. Proceed at your own risk. 😉 Related Posts:Old Favorites – I […]

Old Favorites – I mean really old favorites

I was sorting through some old posts and ran across this list. Hey, I said I was doing some spring cleaning. I think I put this together back when I first created Beverly’s Book Sanctuary, which make it about 1998-99. I could probably be even more precise if I dated the books although some of them were probably published before that. […]

There be dragons here

Recently while looking for something to read that had dragons in it, I was digging through my ebook shelves and realized that I’d collected quite a few favorite dragon shifter stories. How that came to be, I’m not quite sure since dogs and cats are what usually pass for the norm in shifters. 😉 Anyway, […]

New top favorites list

I’m eventually going to put this list on a page, but since I haven’t decided how I’m going to list them there yet, here’s the current rough draft of the listing in alpha by author order. Basically, the main criteria I used to look for those books that I tend to reread a lot and I may […]

Krentz, Krentz & more Krentz

Actually, that should probably be Castle, Castle, Quick, Quick, because first I was on a Jayne Castle binge and now it’s shifted over to Amanda Quick. And I ain’t done yet. I may even work my way over to some actual Jayne Ann Krentz titles before this is done. Okay, let’s see what I’ve read […]