1. Fascinating posts so far. I’ve never read or even heard of any of your authors so far. I’ve added you to my RSS feeds so I can keep up with the series as you post more.

  2. Author

    Yeah, a couple of these earlier authors are sort of out of the mainstream which is why I always like to mention them. People tend to forget or not even know that romance has a much broader, um, foundation than simply the bodice rippers of the seventies. 😉

    And sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. I’m having a slight computer technical problem at the moment. My computer is fine but I need a new communication card for it, so I’m having to do most of my work on it and all my browsing on another computer in the house until I can get the card. I feel like I’ve developed a split personality. 😀

  3. I was recently looking for a few older books of Glenna Finley that are missing from my library and I found your site. I have every book she wrote except for the Career Wife 1964, Death Strikes Out 1957, and Young Lions 1974. Whatever happened to this author? There are just some books that you will never part with and this library is one of them. I am so glad there are a few fans of hers left!

  4. Please let me know if you are still trying to get Glenna Finley books. I think I can get them from the author for you if she has any left of the title you would like.

  5. I fell in love with Glenna Finley’s books and they have become old and valued friends that I pick up when I need a ‘pick me up’. However, I too, have wondered where this wonderful author is. Our friend above says she can get books from the author, so I would love an update on Ms. Finley just to know if she is doing well. She’s blessed many of us with her humor and entertained us with her intriguing plots. While I understand many value their privacy and I in no way wish to compromise it, a short update would be nice. We love Glenna!!!!!

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