I think I’m back

If that sounds a little uncertain, it’s because I’d intended to be back online right after the Fourth of July but didn’t quite make it, so I’m wondering what will happen this time to interfere. Hopefully nothing. ;p Seriously, though, after my father passed away in June, which hit me a lot harder than I’d expected it to, I decided to take a break from blogging until at least after the Fourth and just recharge my mental batteries. Part of that was simply from exhaustion on all levels. Then right about the time I was gearing up to write and post something, my sister decided it was time to come back in to town to take care of  his estate business including paying the funeral home. That took three days and still doesn’t include getting all his veteran’s benefits straightened out for our mother. Do you know how long it takes to close a bank account or cash out a CD when someone dies, even when someone living is still on the account? We do. Banks do not want to give up money. Oye.

I’m so glad I was rested up for all that. 😀

On the bright side, I have gotten quite a bit of reading done lately. As well as a lot of movie watching. I also did a Star Wars marathon over the Fourth that included all six movies but I’ll save commenting on that one for it’s own post.

Currently I’m reading Immortals: The Calling by Jennifer Ashley. It’s part of a multi-author universe and I actually read the second book by Robin T. Popp first, Immortals: The Darkening, and really liked it, which is more than I can say for most print books recently. Lately it seems the only thing I want to read is an ebook length. I wasn’t sure if that was a commentary on the books or the state of my life, though. So far The Calling is also holding my interest, so maybe it’s the universe, but that’s also strange since I don’t normally go in for multi-author continuities.

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  • CindyS

    I’m glad you dropped in at least. I was getting worried! Your brain will probably pull some odd rabbits out of it’s hat for a while 😉