Family matters

Just to let you know, you’ll probably be seeing a flood of posts over the next several days as I get caught up with all the things on my mind, all the books I’ve bought in the last few days as well as attempt to get back into some type of schedule here.

I’ve been more or less off-line for the last week or so due to my mother (who’s 84) being in the hospital out in Missouri (I’m in Kentucky). At first I wasn’t sure how serious it was and thought I was going to have to drop everything and immediately run out there. Then things sort of settled down and they placed her in a stroke rehab wing of the hospital within a day of admitting her because while they didn’t believe she’s actually had a stroke she was exhibiting stroke like symptoms, probably from TIAs (mini-strokes) which aren’t all that uncommon for someone her age. So, I had time to get some things together here before making the trip. Still didn’t leave a lot of time for online stuff, though, so I just gave up trying until I got back. We did have a good visit and she’s doing much better. The main problem at the moment is that her electrolytes seem to be bouncing around. One day they’re normal and the next day they’re not. Not good and could very well have been what triggered the situation in the first place, but at least she’s in the hospital now where they can keep an eye on things.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to personally and haven’t been posting. More later today on what I’ve been reading and buying while all this has been going on. Since she was in rehab most of the day and we couldn’t visit we did manage to hit both a fantastic little used bookstore and regional new bookstore. I probably have more to say about them than the books I got.

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