1. There’s a great old Iris Johansen book called The Golden Barbarian!!!!

  2. Intriguing title, Jane. 😀 I think I’ve read Johansen before but it’s been years so I tend to think I wasn’t all that impressed. Still, do you remember what it was about?

  3. Hey, I just thought of another movie in the same vein – The Scorpion King. Sigh. I almost love that one as much as the two Mummy movies and that’s saying something.

    Of course, there’s the Conan movies but I wasn’t ever all that impressed with them. Still, I was kind of surprised when I looked up the link for Kull and found out it was written by the same guy who wrote the Conan books. Who knew. Well, I certainly didn’t.

    Yeah, I really am hooked into this barbarian craving at the moment for some odd reason. ;p

    You know, I do seem to remember a couple of early futuristic romances that might qualify but I’m going to have to dig around to even find the authors/titles. Don’t remember if I still have them or if maybe they’re boxed up somewhere as possible traders. I do know they aren’t on my keeper shelves in my bedroom. I seem to have gone through a more, er, civilized phase at some point. Does this mean I’m regressing or progressing now?

    Uh, don’t answer that. ;D

  4. a real barbarian? how about that Conan? lol

    ok, that’s a tough one! a Viking type book is what comes to mind but I can’t think of any actual titles.

    god I’m such a good helper lol.

  5. Yeah, you’re soooooo much help, Mailyn. 😀

    About as much as Amy was, who also suggested Vikings when I asked if she remembered me having any romances with barbarians. Which sort of threw me because I don’t believe I am looking for Vikings. They always seem to be the logical assumption, though, when barbarians are mentioned but, frankly, the books I have with Vikings in them have fairly well developed societies so it’s difficult to think of them that way.

    So far the closest I’ve come to explaining to myself what I’m actually looking for is not caveman, exactly, but definitely more primitive than, say, even ancient societies like Roman, Greek or Egyptian. Prehistoric, maybe?

    Fantasy elements are definitely okay, too.

    Okay, maybe I am looking for the romance equivalent of Conan . . . *rolling my eyes at myself*

  6. ha! you admit it! you want Conan!

    lmao. couldn’t let that slide. 😉

    shoot, I’d like to see a prehistoric romance. with the whole clubbing upside the head and everything. lol.

  7. Ummmm. I’ve got nothing

    THinking that maybe those early timetravel, sex slave romance might work. I’m thinking of the johanna lindsey one that had a putrid purple cover and fabio wearing fur…can’t dredge up the name, but I know Smart Bitches have roasted the cover before.

    Cause I’m just not thinking of any barbarian stuff at all

    Well, clan of the cave bear, I guess. Although I never read it.

  8. Oh, hush, Mailyn. ;p

    Actually, the more I think about it, prehistoric isn’t what I’m wanting so much as something that’s, oh, I don’t know, pre-medieval? But not necessarily in “civilized” places or times. Another movie that comes to mind is that recent King Athur. Not for the Athur story, though but the Celts or whatever they were called. Tribal stuff, before they were conquered by those “civilized” invader, you know. 😀

    Oye, Lindsey is one of those authors I truly hate to read, Suisan, but I know exactly the type of book you’re talking about. I also know I still have a couple of them around, just not by Lindsey. I just have to find them. Remember the authors. Whatever.

  9. Hey Bev,

    I can’t think of any Barbarian types, either. They all seem to be Sheeps in Wolf clothing, don’t they?

    The only one I can think of that *might* be considered barbaric is Diaz from Linda Howard’s Cry No More. He wasn’t all sweet and sappy underneath it all, and I loved that.

    I’ll keep racking my brain for you, ok?

    And LOL @ Conan!

  10. Definitely the sheep problem, Holly, which is what has me so bemused. I can taste it, I just can’t figure out how to describe it. Or if I’m really sure I’d want it if I found it. ;p

    You know, I’m beginning to think barbarian really isn’t the right description for what I’m looking for. I thought about nomad or native but both of those while having elements of what’s buzzing around in my head aren’t exactly what I’m craving either. The closest I can come to an accurate description is something with less civilized socieities – but specifically stories without the normal conflict of cultures brought on by more advanced invaders and/or conquerors.

    There just aren’t that many of those in romances but I did think of one that sort of fits what’s in my head – WARPRIZE by Elizabeth Vaughan. See, there’s that nomadic aspect to that book and it’s sequel and what little culture conflict is in reverse because the “barbarians” are the invaders.

  11. how about Highlanders? is that about right? cuz if not I’m drawing a blank here.

  12. Highlanders are another one I considered. I think it depends on the story because some of them are almost as “civilized” as a book set in England itself so I’m not sure they would count. OTOH, I have run across the odd one that really makes one want to scream “Barbarians!” Oh, no, wait, that’s usually the heroine’s job. ;p

    You know, I’m thinking that maybe this is about time period as well. How many romances can you think of that are set, say, pre-1000 AD?

  13. damn you are just being picky! I’m on to you. why don’t you just ask us to look for the meaning of life? I think I could find that much easier. lmao.

    ok, so maybe greeks or romans. Dark Hunter series? no. wait. you can’t be that desperate. lol. how about Moning’s Highlanders? wait. no. that’s crap as well.

    I suck at this!!! 🙁

  14. Hey, I warned you that it was an vague craving. ;p

    Actually, I found one of those futuristics I was talking about. PRISONER OF PASSION by Trudy Thompson. It’s not even as old I thought it would be – 1995. Of course, when I tried to describe it to Amy, she first told me she had no idea and then, once I found it, promptly declared it was on of her favorites.


    Am I REALLY that bad at descriptions?

    Er, don’t answer that.

    Off to look up Thompson and she if she’s written any more.

  15. I think it’s a combination of your vague description and my vague brain. LMAO.

    I hate when I go through this stages because I can never ever ever find what I am looking for. I feel your pain.

  16. Well, I stink at games such as this, no matter who clear the description is because I simply haven’t read enough romances. There are a lot of authors out there people mention and I just say, “Hmm. Sounds familiar.” Don’t get me started with titles. Oy.

  17. Weird. The comments are missing the first few letters at the beginning of each line so near the end, I’m not sure if you have given us another set of rules or not 😉

    Okay, I read two Justine Davis books that were futuristics and one had the hero as a slave. Oh, Lord of The Storm and Skypirate. If you have them in your TBR pile then dig ’em out. They just might fit the bill.

    I can’t say that I have read many Jude Devereaux books but A Knight In Shining Armor and I believe a few others of hers might be before 1000 AD. Would a knight precede the 1000s?

    Julie Garwood’s Honor’s Splendor although maybe not as barbaric as you are looking for.

    I’m not sure I can do this …


    Shannon Drake – ow, ow, ow! I used to read her books and *hated* the heroes so now I don’t read her anymore. That said, maybe these guys are barbaric. I can definitely say they were asses.

    Okay, that’s all the damage I can bring 😉


  18. Um, I don’t remember what it is about but I think it is about the desert! lol. honestly, how horrible is that?

  19. Hey Bev,

    I hope you’re still reading these comments! I couldn’t find an e-mail for you so I’ll put these up here. If you want more info (or a different time period) feel free to e-mail me!

    I have Byron so I can do timeline searches. These are all of the books listed by Byron that are set in a PreHistoric time period. Most of the ones I looked at were referring to the Ice Age.

    Hope this helps!


    Theresa Scott

    Patricia Rowe

    Theresa Scott

    Patricia Rowe

    Theresa Scott

    Victoria Barrett

    Theresa Scott

  20. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever read Shannon Drake or not. Seems like I may have had a book by her at one time or another but nothing comes to mind.

  21. Barbarians, huh? Hmmm…somehow that sounds pretty hot. I’ll look for something.

    – Daniela

  22. Yeah, doesn’t it, Daniela. Somehow, hot isn’t translating to actual books, though. Hehehe.

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