1. Whoa! That’s a whole different look for JAK isn’t it? Like you I gave up reading her as JAK a number of books ago. Ditto with Amanda Quick. It’s been a few years now since she came out with a Jayne Castle book. If I hadn’t stopped by here I probably wouldn’t have noticed she had a new one ’cause the cover is so different. Now I have another book to get.

  2. Well, don’t feel bad, if I hadn’t stumbled across an interview with Jayne about it on Running with Quills, I wouldn’t have known about it either . . . before I saw it in the store completely unprepared and probably mistaking it for a Feehan, too. I mean it does look eerily like one of her type of book covers. Hehehe.

  3. I saw this at Wal Mart today when I ran over there to get the latest SK…and I was drooling over this same cover…damn he’s fine.

    Quick question…I have a few JAK books in my TBR that’s sitting on my dresser begging to be read…I can’t remember the titles BUT, which ones should I steer clear of?

  4. Well, like I said, I’m partial to her futuristic/paranormals both as Castle and a few early ones that have been republished under Krentz. Of the three of those, my favorites are SHIELD’S LADY & CRYSTAL FLAME. I didn’t think SWEET STARFIRE was nearly as good. What’s interesting about all of them though is that you can see the beginnings of the ideas behind both her paranormal flower trilogy and this current Harmony group. All of them are lost Earth Colonies and share many similarities that she’s simply refined over time.

    As for contemporary Krentz books, a favorite and the one usually touted as one of her best is PERFECT PARTNERS. I’m not sure it is her best but that’s subjective because she’s so even on all her writing. There really aren’t too many “bad” ones, although I’d recommend staying away from some of her early titles, say pre-1985. Another good one is FAMILY MAN. I also really like ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY and others published close to it but I will also admit that they bear an extremely close resemblance to her Quick books of close copyright years. Then again, the fact that she’s one of those authors that can get away with basically writing a historical hero in a contemporary is what I like about them. 😀

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