Almost forgot the peacock

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Swansea Dynasty coverI still haven’t had a chance to sit down and write out comments on either of the books I just read but as I was putting up the books I bought last week, I realized that I’d mentioned the Fobes one but not the other. This one was strictly an impulse buy because I’d never heard of the author before, even if this Signature Select by Fayrene Preston is labeled “Two classic stories from a favorite author”. What I couldn’t resist was the cover and for that matter the title.

Of course, both of my children immediately wanted to know why a book called SwanSea Dynasty had a peacock on the cover . . . should I tell them it could’ve been worse?

So, has anyone heard of Preston?


  1. Fayrene Preston – yes, I’ve heard of her but not read her before. She was with the Loveswept line along with Iris Johansen and Kay Hooper. I’ve seen an anthology with the three of them and I’ve heard some good things about her – not a whole lot. Maybe you can tell us more about her?

  2. SwanSea Dynasty is actually a double book from the series. I sort of skimmed/read the first one last night and it reminded me of a Krentz type contemporary from about the same time, circa 1990, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Tell you more when I actually have time to give them both my full attention.

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