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alpha heroines

(Editing note: I’ve been going through old posts and files doing some housekeeping to categorize and tag them and decided that it would be fun to periodically – probably every 5th Wednesday – pull one forward for a second look. The criteria I use to pick them could be research for a current topics of interest or a whim of something that catches my attention while browsing the bowels of the site. Heck, I may even dig up something I posted elsewhere and no one’s ever seen. Who knows. Today’s recycled post was originally posted here on Feb 2, 2006 and got picked because I was checked to see what I’d already said about Stephanie Laurens.I’ll explain why she’s on my mind in more detail very soon.)    Sandy’s post yesterday on Romancing the Blog about The Alpha Male’s Heroine really got my brain to working overtime, not so much with new thoughts but more searching my memory for old romance favorites with ‘alpha heroines’ or at the very least well-matched heroes & heroines. And it was really annoying because I was currently right in the middle of reading Good Girls Do by Cathie Linz and didn’t want to be... More

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