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Klondike - Heath Bar
Klondike - Heath Bar (Photo credit: frozenfoodjournal)
My daughter and I were out shopping today and saw some of that new coffee creamer that has all the various candy bar flavors. Now, I absolutely love Heath Bar favored ice cream, but do I want it in my coffee? Ummm. No. As I told Amy, the "enjoyment factor" of eating Heath Bar stuff - at least for me - is all the crunchy bits as much as the flavor, so what would be the point of it in coffee or any other drink other than maybe a shake or a blizzard? Same goes for Almond Joys, too. Me no get this "candy bar in coffee" idea. At all. o.O
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Ten Nights of Love: The Introduction

Ten Nights of Love
Ten Nights of Love - date unknown, 1940-50s ?, mystery/adventure/spy anthology - I think
In the fall ofย 2009, Heather over at The Galaxy Express asked me what the dividing line between romance and erotic romance was. I almost laughed in her face -ย figuratively speaking. :-D I mean, come on. Read More →

Up, Up & Away

Family, heh

Editing note: I’m reposting this because I had a “duh” moment and realized how to place the image in the post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Oh, not mine. It’s just that considering all the hoopla and angst surrounding the situation with Superman in the comics, a LOL about Batman I just read literally made me laugh until I cried: The Batman Family Story Seriously, it just sort of puts the entire thing into perspective, ya know. Poor Bats. Women trouble is the least of his problems. ROTFL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Which is always why I question his “loner” label. Right. The guy who has surrounded himself with an entire passelRead More →



Sorting out a bunch of Arcane things ;-)

My class is over and I’ve recovered from a case of bacterial bronchitis that hit me completely out of the blue around the first of May, so I went out last week and picked up a bunch of books from Jayne Ann Krentz‘s Arcane collection that I’d missed out on from our local used bookstore. You know, I haven’t “glommed” a favorite author like that in years. Plus I picked up a couple of odds and ends not connected to that collections, too. It was fun. At least I thought it was until I started trying to sort out what I’d picked up from whatRead More →


Hot Buttered Popcorn


After all these years, finally, an explanation for Harry Mudd. Snicker.Read More →




I knew I was going to have both my new class during the week and a advanced weather workshop tomorrow afternoon so I decided not to sweat it and do some housecleaning on the site as I got the chance. The upside is that as I was tweaking some stuff behind the scenes I ran across what appears to be a phenomenal blogging plug-in for both web browsers and WordPress called Zemanta that will help find related images, articles, or whatever – as you’re writing! The truly neat thing is that you can use your favorite sources as well as the greater web to searchRead More →


Paperback Love

Lois & Superman cover

Telling stories with pictures

I had already decided I wasn’t going to comment on the topic of the Superman/Wonder Woman hook-up, because frankly I’m not all that invested in the outcome one way or another. This rather odd storyline will in no way impact the way I feel about Superman or Lois Lane no matter how long or short lived it is. As far as I’m concerned. I still have the “products” I already love to rewatch and reread and what they’re doing just doesn’t involve the characters I love but some other people I don’t know. Is that short-sighted? Maybe. But, you know, fans and consumers have thatRead More →


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