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Does it make me smile?

A few days before Christmas, the strap on my handbag broke and I decided to treat myself to a last minute Christmas present so I stopped by J C Penney with my daughter. I’ve always liked their selection because most of them are organizer bags, they come in a wide range of sizes and materials, are well-made and durable plus there are usually reasonable sales at certain times, namely Christmas, Easter or the beginning of the school year. Anyway, I ended up with an organizer handbag. Purple, because it made me smile. Okay, to be truthful, the label calls it eggplant, which I suppose is a deep, dark almost grayish purple, but it still makes me grin every time I look at it. Now, I could’ve gotten one of the other, much more conventional neutral colors available and been perfectly fine but I’m at a point in my life where I’ve realized something important. Why be simply okay when I can smile? Particularly since I’m going to be using the blasted thing umpteen-zillion times a day? Some things that make me smile besides the color purple: Yellow Butterflies Pansies and violets Unusual baskets Decorative tins and other odd boxes Landscapes... More

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