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Ten Nights of Love: Cover Gallery

Happy Valentine’s Day When I first came up with idea of doing this Ten Nights of Love series of posts, I wanted to find something to illustrate them and the obvious choice was the books. As I sorted through my collection, though, I realized that they also showed a lifetime of changes in the covers themselves. So, I wanted to see a gallery of one cover for each author in one post and thought you might enjoy it, too. I included Ten Nights of Love just to keep things even although I may have sort of cheated elsewhere for the purposes of showing an early electronic cover. 😉 Odd how few clinches there are… The Solitary Horseman by Emilie Loring, 1922 Ladybird by Grace Livingston Hill, 1930 Ten Nights of Love, anthology, 1950 (?) The Romantic Spirit by Glenna Finley, August 1973 The Bride by Julie Garwood, July 1989 Rendezvous by Amanda Quick, November 1991 Mine To Take by Dara Joy, November 1998 Dark Fire by Christine Feehan, August 2001 Command Performance by Linnea Sinclair, 2002 The Perfect Lover by Stephanie Laurens, February 2003 Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair, November 2005 Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston, July 2007 More

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