Folding fitted sheets the right way, who knew!

purple butterfly BBI’m (mumble, mumble) years old and I now know how to fold fitted sheets. It’s toward the end of the video and it’s well worth watching. Wow. More

Not just for women

notebookFor months now I’ve been thinking of starting a post category on the blog called “Romance Is…” dedicated specifically to defining romances as I know and love to read them, not in any specific dictionary definition way but more in a “what they are and aren’t” to me personally as a longtime reader and by association to other readers as I find things to comment on around the web. Well, the first instance of this has occurred. Heather over on The Galaxy Express asked me a question in one of the comments on Will Sweet Science Fiction Romance Survive? and when I went to answer my response ended up becoming this post. So away we go: @BevBB If you’re still checking back, do you think the “by women for women” mantra is as vitriolic in nature? Maybe it is–you might know more–and I agree both represent extreme positions, but from what I’ve seen (which is to say in my limited experience), messages a la Spearhead from the SF side has been downright misogynistic at times (although not as extreme). The romance mantra seems to be an attempt at being empowering vs. blaming the fault of anything questionable in romance on... More

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