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Ten Nights of Love: Amanda Quick

Rendezvous by Amanda Quick, 1991 - this is the cover on the paperback I have, except it's supposed to have a stepback and doesn'tRendezvous by Amanda Quick, November 1991, romance, historical, Regency, opposites attract, mildly graphic love scenes Once I’d started reading historical romance with Julie Garwood, I did sort of dive into that particular pool headfirst. I remember reading a lot of mostly medievals in those next few years of the early 1990s. All the while still reading some contemporaries and searching for that elusive perfect fantasy/science fiction romance combination to appear on the horizon. There were occasional fits and starts in that direction with the new Leisure/Love Spell line but not a lot of enthusiasm on my part for what they were producing. But back to reading historical romances, I slowly began to dip my toe into the Regency era and it was definitely slow going. Regencies are an acquired taste, long and short or what we in romance call the Traditional Regency Romance. For some strange reason, I have it in my head that Rendezvous by Amanda Quick was the first time I encountered oral sex in a romance. Except that can’t possibly be right, since I’m pretty sure I started reading Garwood before Quick and I know that had to be in Garwood’s books somewhere. Of course, it might’ve been the male/female... More

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