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Oh my word…

harlequin-presents-hidden-object-of-desire_featureOkay, several months ago, I discovered Big Fish Games and I do love their “hidden object” games but this one literally made my jaw drop when I ran across an article about it: Big Fish Games is launching a game aimed at women in a partnership with romance novel empire Harlequin Enterprises. The game from Seattle-based Big Fish Games is Harlequin Presents: Hidden Object of Desire. It is a “hidden object” game, a popular casual game genre where users can find lots of treasures or secrets just by clicking on the landscape of a game. Of course, the game has a romantic storyline. The game is inspired by The Royal House of Karedes, a series of Harlequin books. It features Allie, a reporter on assignment covering the 30th birthday of the Prince of Aristo. Upon her arrival in the Kingdom of Adamas with her photographer, Allie has to unravel a mystery by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. via Big Fish Games releases Harlequin romance game | VentureBeat. Let’s just say I’m still recovering from the shock — but seriously tempted at the same time. Purely out of curiosity, of course. Ahem. 😉 More

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