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How… odd

I decided I would make a list of all the Valentine romances that I have to share for today’s post. Only thing is that when I dug around my shelves, my book database, my e-book files and, well, just about anywhere I could think of I came up with only one Harlequin paperback and 2 e-books that even just mention Valentine’s Day much less have that as a theme. (And the two e-books are basically erotic romances, too.) o.O Like I said. Odd. I mean think about this. Longtime romance reader. Huge collection of romance novels. Only 3 Valentine themed romances. Shouldn’t there be more? At least in the paperbacks? Or am I looking at this backwards? Or something. Okay, at this point I became curious and went digging for how many Christmas and Halloween themed romances, well, books, period, I have. Yeah, there are other “holidays” but those two also stand out as particularly promotable in terms of selling romances. Or any other popular fiction for that matter. I found 18 Christmas and 13 Halloween romances and those lists have both an equal mixture of paper and electronic titles. So, what am I supposed to make from this? That... More

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